Diablo Immortal vs Raziel Dungeon Arena

Diablo Immortal vs Raziel Dungeon Arena

Diablo Immortal vs Raziel Dungeon Arena
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Today we explore Raziel Dungeon Arena in this one today. Is it a competitor of Diablo Immortal?
Diablo Immortal «top lists» and guide series continue today with ECHO Gaming Diablo! As always we will be covering the the latest news and playthroughs of Diablo Immortal! ECHO Gaming Diablo offers strategy guides, tips, tricks, comedy and playthroughs with a focus on Action RPG’s, specifically Diablo Immortal. Come back for regular videos focused on Diablo Immortal.

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  1. So Raziel is already been ready for few years ago but only in korea. Tencent did buy the game and i dont know why they deleted eng from the game and launched it only in east..

  2. I agree, building this kind of game takes too long to developed. 🥺 We need to expose this kind of arpg games to the public more often #lovecontentcreators

  3. Aaaand i still love the old style Bro.
    Left hand : Keyboard
    Right hand : mouse
    My main problem with phone is when i do channeling and try to boost something. The channeling will stop….my thumb’s size.
    For easy going player like me (yeah i played diablo 3) tempest rush build will be big problem in mobile, except…. There will be an auto execute skills that only working while channeling. Is blizzard have already thinking about that for diablo immortal?

  4. Hey echo I seen a lot of new releases of mmorpg like bless mobile,v4 ,evil dungeon I tried those games and nothing can beat the Diablo immortal gameplay being a hardcore gamer Im still waiting for it which I can really spent my time on it, keep updating bud

  5. That games looks very good. Nice thing about it, Closed Beta begins 3rd September 11 PM. i’ll give it a try.
    You said, that the game hasn’t that much of subscrbers. thanks to you there will be some more 😉

    Looking at the possibilities to upgrade Heroes, Skills etc. i hope, Diablo Immortal will hve similiar things.

  6. I played raziel for a while on the china server, its okay and better than the other hack and slay mobile till now. But i think, depending on how long Blizzard is working on Diablo Immortal that Raziel will lose in many aspects.

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