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  1. Im from Poland. All universe of Diablo is very popular in my country. In Europe Poland and conuntries of Scandinavia loves Diablo.

  2. I think in the PC community will have 3 types of players:
    Most will play to wait for Diablo 4.
    Then there will be two small groups: one will play for the lore (me) and the other because they like mobile games.

    I’m from Chile.
    I play Diablo 3.
    I played other Blizzard games (WoW, HOTS, W3).
    I play on mobile, but I prefer the PC. (I play a lot of Clash Royale)
    I doubt that the US has more players than China (because China has one sixth of the world’s population)

  3. Eastern india and i do believe if promoted well it might blow up in india cause most chinese gaming apps banned in india recently including pubg mlbb aov and pubg and it has made a void in the mobile gaming community atm

  4. I live in the US I have played every diablo game so far. Anxiously awaiting diablo immortal. Keep up the great work with the vids. Great content and ty for bringin em 🙂

  5. Hi ECHO I really like your work and I appreciate the work you put into a game that has not yet come out. I watch every single one of your new videos and I can’t wait for Diablo Immortal to become public.
    A) I live in BULGARIA

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