Trump is banning League of Legends Wild Rift…

Trump is banning League of Legends Wild Rift...

LoLWR cancelled…Dave goes crazy…

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In this vidoe:
League of Legends cancelled
Trump bans Wechat
Trump bans tencent gaming
Trump bans Tencent
Dave Talk

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  1. I now only know why assassin Dave keep on saying about wild rift bad news. I though Dave just hate wild rift but when I check his video then I know why. Why Dave keep on aiming on wild rift

  2. Dave I tell you something even though trump ban tiktok and Wechat also won’t affect wild rift release O K! You just scare that everyone leave ML and when you play Wild Rift you can’t play like ML skill. Soo you keep on upload video about wild rift bad news! Just admit WILD RIFT GOING TO BE FAMOUS BRUH!

  3. And Mobile Legends is just a copy version from League of Legends! OK soo obvious if you want me to play I will choose the original one and ML not even the real thing bruh you just good in ML but in League of Legends Wild Rift you can’t win maybe!

  4. They will not take anything from me….even the indian government doesnt want me plus im jobless even my parent dont believe in me….playing ml and lol wont benefit anything from me accept my internet data😂

  5. Looks like modi will do what trump did again 😏😏!!! MOBA games are nerfed and banned in powerful countries its ok for me gaming is bad

  6. there was a follow up decleration that says only wechat out of Tencents apps is going to be banned , not lol niether lolwr is going to be cancelled dont worry

  7. All the information you just stated in this video are all completely false about wild rift, Mobile Legends might be banned but not Wild Rift? Are you out of your mind? Wild Rift isn’t chinese idiot, get your facts straight instead of spreading fake news

  8. Ass Dave why dont you do react to patch notes instead? I would love for you to predict how the Meta will be and how it will affect the current Meta, and also give us more insight on what heroes counter which heroes, I did not knew Balmond countered Uranus till you mentioned it

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