Teemo Champion Overview | Gameplay — League of Legends: Wild Rift


This is gonna sting.

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  1. New LoL gamer be like : Teemo is easy to counter
    Old and still committed player: *PTSD* *TEEMO LIANDRYS»RAGEBLADE»RABADON’S»NASHOR»

  2. Highly overrated as the devil…
    Perhaps in PC, but in WR well he isn’t as OP/good as you might think he is.
    I suggest you try him before purchasing him…

    To be honest, I’m disappointed. People hyped him too much. He is so squishy and easily hunted ( especially with a small map ). Plus he has such a short range which might be hard for some to get used to. Well have fun I guess…but right now, I’ll probably only play him in unranked matches.

    not op/amazing…pretty meh

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