Skin Price Comparison: Mobile Legends vs LoL Wild Rift

Which skin do you like better?

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In this video:
Mobile Legends vs League of Legends Wild Rift
ML vs LoL wild rift

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  1. dave: *100-200$ for some trashy skins?!*

    «Csgo who has a shitty in game pixel skin that won’t gonna give you any in-game advantage,etc, but still cost more than your 1 month salary be like: 👀

    ps: csgo is the most expensive game in terms of in-game skins.

  2. So you basically tell me they got low price skins, hm…let me look at the League on PC and I find it very different ;). Real players don’t play for skins, Riot is a large company so…wait until the game is worldwide, they released events but the game is not to everyone…very fair huh? It’s just a marketing to catch up on new players…I still see players who can’ play Wild Rift but instead they are still playing ML. (Don’t forget about recently 1 Billion) Moonton is not a large company but they will improve the quality. Ask real players about real League, they basically released a half game and still is not worldwide.

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