NEW CHANGES: PATCH 2.1 RUNDOWN — Wild Rift (LoL Mobile)


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Today we covered all of the changes patch 2.1 brought to the Wild Rift!

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0:00 Intro
0:35 QOTD
0:45 New Champions
1:50 Buffs
1:51 Corki
2:58 Jarvan IV
3:43 Jax
4:13 Nerfs
4:14 Kennen
5:03 Lee Sin
5:27 Buffs
5:28 Tristana
6:15 Twisted Fate
6:53 Yasuo
7:14 Items Changes
7:15 Youmuu’s Ghostblade
7:36 Dead Man’s Plate
7:46 Locket & Redeeming Enchant
8:07 Gameplay Changes
8:08 Hand of Baron
8:24 Rift scuttle
8:43 New Skins
9:38 Replay & Spectator Mode
10:08 Free-to-play Champion Rotation
11:06 Conclusion
11:19 Outro

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  1. Omg buff for Jax and Twisted Fade?! That was dumb, there is way more champions to be buffed. These champions were very good, but now they ll be OP. Getting card for Twisted is just too easy and to annoying. Btw Twisted golden card has longer stunt than other ults.(Sona and I dont remmeber 🙂

  2. What I think are missing in the patch

    Liandries — too stronk. maybe needs a nerf
    Phantom Dancer — Under used. maybe needs a buff

    Lulu — too meta in competitive and higher elo ranked games. Needs to be toned down abit.
    Akali — maybe too stronk since buff will need to keep watch. First ban and pick in competitive scene, only second to lulu.
    Soraka — too under used. Sona and nami are way better alternatives if you want heals in lane.


    Thoughts on buffs
    Twisted Fate: broken af. Watch out for him to pop off in the competitive scene replacing asol.
    Tristana: good now. S tier
    Yasuo: a little better now.
    J4: decent. Maybe A/B+ tier.

  3. 💀💀💀💀They actually buffing twisted fate AHAHHA the only hero that I used the most, fizz in 2nd, from going to plat1 promos (Going to emerald) 💀💀 BROOO THEY BUFFED TF WHAHAHAA

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