More Updates to Diablo Immortal development

More Updates to Diablo Immortal development

More Updates to Diablo Immortal development
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Diablo Immortal «top lists» and guide series continue today with ECHO Gaming Diablo! As always we will be covering the the latest news and playthroughs of Diablo Immortal! ECHO Gaming Diablo offers strategy guides, tips, tricks, comedy and playthroughs with a focus on Action RPG’s, specifically Diablo Immortal. Come back for regular videos focused on Diablo Immortal.

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  1. The age-based ratings for Diablo Immortal is 12+, do you think this demon things or violence battle is safe for kids to play? because when it comes to smart phone, even 4years kid has phone nowadays.

  2. Bro Genshin Impact is out tomorrow. You’re a chill YouTuber and I know how much you care about your channel. I highly suggest you start making Genshin content. It’s mobile as well. Genshin Impact is out tomorrow and you can preload now.

  3. Missed making comments here man! I’m so glad you’re using that background again. I did see this update, which brought my hopes up on getting my hands on this game already!

    Looks like playing Black Desert Mobile will be coming to a halt soon.


    I hope I can stream with you when this game comes out

  4. #madeit
    You might have probably seen the tweets about the diablo immortal team hiring employees. I guess it might a bit of far away. Don’t know what does that mean though

  5. This just makes me more excited to play this when it comes out, for some reason even though I have notifications on YouTube isn’t notifying me when you upload

  6. #madeit

    I wish its already in beta and you are chosen so you can tell us more information about the game and maybe some people might find your channel

  7. Diablo immortal will probably have beta in Android only. Apple will always be left out. Then people who started in beta their progress won’t reset and Android will always have an advantage like always.

  8. Finally some necromancer video, its short, but it’s something. And finally they updated it. Hopefully we’ll all be playing before this year ends.

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