How does Diablo Immortal plan to launch Beta

How does Diablo Immortal plan to launch Beta
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Diablo Immortal «top lists» and guide series continue today with ECHO Gaming Diablo! As always we will be covering the the latest news and playthroughs of Diablo Immortal! ECHO Gaming Diablo offers strategy guides, tips, tricks, comedy and playthroughs with a focus on Action RPG’s, specifically Diablo Immortal. Come back for regular videos focused on Diablo Immortal.

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  1. Im with you Echo!! Hope this time Blizzard/Activision follow the players, not the money like D3… And let’s see if they do it well with the release of the beta, not regional only 😑

  2. Yeah it will definitely be released on all devices on beta not just Asus Rog phone because again I have an Asus Rog phone and I never got such notification about us being able to play the beta on this phone for people that have this phone so again I believe it should be played on all devices because why would they have people pre-register on other devices if it was only going to be on Asus Rog phone it makes no sense that and if that was the case my pre-registration for Diablo immortal would be different

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