Diablo Immortal — The BEST Looking Class in The Game

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00:00 Start
00:53 Wizard Ultimate
01:45 Barbarian Ultimate
02:25 Monk Ultimate
02:56 Demon Hunter Ultimate
03:45 Necromancer Ultimate
04:38 Crusader Ultimate
05:27 Gameplay & Summary

Desc Tags Diablo Immortal Best Class Wizard Barbarian Demon Hunter Monk Necromancer Crusader

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  1. Hard to get excited when they don’t advise anything for this game. No information at all what so ever. Even Blizzards website is lacking information. I lost all excitement for this game.

  2. I’m honestly Torn between Barb and Necro. The Necro Ult reminds me of Bone Spirit from D3. Makes me wonder if we’ll be able to change them with Runes, or something, to make them a bit more versatile, and such. Still can’t wait for this game. It’s literally going to be the main, if not the only, Mobile game I stick with.

  3. You used the world stale. I think stale is correct for the whole game. The first teaser for diablo 3 with that huge boss fight. And they took epic fights like that out of the game.

  4. Im going to start with necro. Then either Barb or a Monk really. 4th Demon Hunter or Wizard and lastly Crusader. I just dont see the fun in it.
    From looking at ultimates, I actually like Barb, DH and Wizard the most. Crusader is meh.. I dont like that stationary Necro, but thats a short clip. Monk teleports atleast, but still kinds meh.. I think the game play is better than what it looks.

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