Diablo Immortal has just gotten ANOTHER UPDATE

Diablo Immortal has just gotten ANOTHER UPDATE
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Diablo Immortal «top lists» and guide series continue today with ECHO Gaming Diablo! As always we will be covering the the latest news and playthroughs of Diablo Immortal! ECHO Gaming Diablo offers strategy guides, tips, tricks, comedy and playthroughs with a focus on Action RPG’s, specifically Diablo Immortal. Come back for regular videos focused on Diablo Immortal.

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  1. ”I have a massive announcement coming that is going to shake the diablo immortal community». Beware of the hype from the diablo community… a normal fan will expect you to announce that you will work with blizzard

  2. Diablo Immortal was first introduce in Feb 2019, but the game hasn’t released it’s alpha test yet. Wildrift however was first introduce in Oct 2019 and it’s already on Open Beta(Final Test). For DIABLO’s sake, why the hell Diablo Immortal take’s soooo long to be released? I literally can’t find any game in mobile that can compare to this game’s teaser.😩

  3. The monk was my 1st class in D3 and it will be for this. I tend to play rouge/assassin in most games and monk is the closest to one. Necro is my 2nd.

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