BEST Champions TIER List — Patch 2.2C (RENEKTON Release) — Wild Rift (LoL Mobile)

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Today we got an Update to our Tier List for you!
This Tier list is meant for everyone up to Platinum 1 — our High Elo Tier List will be released later this week!

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Baron Lane
0:32 Darius
1:16 QOTD
1:41 Fiora
2:33 Pantheon
3:13 Baron Lane Tier list
3:32 Jungle
3:32 Jarvan IV
4:12 Rengar
4:46 Rammus
5:16 Jungle Tier list
5:22 Mid lane
5:22 Diana
6:07 Galio
6:47 Ziggs
7:33 Mid lane Tier list
7:39 ADC
7:39 Kai’Sa
8:20 Miss Fortune
9:03 Varus
9:46 ADC Tier list
9:51 Support
9:51 Braum
10:25 Leona
11:04 Seraphine
11:43 Support Tier list
11:47 Conclusion
12:12 Outro

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  1. QOTD: Dianas changes made her viable and win more trades, before that she was awful and just sometimes asks to get spank when she engages.

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